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At Dogs In Balance we believe that every dog deserves the opportunity to be their best self. That's why we offer a variety of training programs to fit your dog's need and your lifestyle. From basic obedience to behavioral modification, we will work with you to create a customized plan that will help your dog thrive. Our training programs are designed to build a strong bond between you and your dog. We focus on balanced methods and effective communication techniques to ensure a happy and healthy relationship between you and your dog.

**An evaluation is required to determine what services your dog is eligible for**
Board &Train Programs
 Board and Train  

Our programs work because we focus on your dog’s state of mind, not just their issues. Most issues are just side effects of the real problem. The real problem is nearly always a lack of structure, rules, and boundaries. Most people give a dog ultimate freedom without realizing that is the opposite of what a dog wants and needs. Dogs need guidance and direct, otherwise you may be experiencing problems. 

So, what exactly will your dog be doing during his/her stay? From the first moment we meet your dog, we will be implementing strict rules and boundaries. This covers quite a vast scale of behaviors like. 

  • Whining 

  • Jumping 

  • Barking 

  • Dog on Dog aggression 

  • Separation Anxiety 

  • Reactivity on Leash 

  • Fear 

  • Counter Surfing 

  • Crate training. 

  • Food and/or resource guarding 

We teach and utilize basic obedience commands in order to help build a solid relationship. Your dog will learn the basics of walking on the leash, sit/stay, down/stay, place and come/recall. We utilize each of these commands in our general day-to-day activities to add a clearer structure to their lifestyle. 

10 Day Session-$1950 

14 Day Session-$2200 

3 Week intense training-$3200 

All training includes boarding, training, socialization follow up visits, video chats for the lifetime of the dog. 

$75 non-refundable booking fee required 

Please call, text or email for more details on our training programs. 

Group Classes
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Private Lessons

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E-Collar Jumpstart

This package is a jump start on the beginning use of ecollars. We will work on HEEL/structure walk, Place, Jumping Up, Down, Sit, Recall and Leash Reactivity.

$450.00 ( 4: 60-90 min sessions) Ecollar not included.


What Our Clients Say

"I'm still amazed at what Patte did with my Ozzy. I get to enjoy it every minute of every day that I spend with him! Initially, what caught my eye on her website, was seeing Cesar Millan's name and the fact that she trained personally with "The Dog Whisperer". The is as close as I'll ever get to having my dog trained "Cesar's Way', and I felt excited that Patte follows his beliefs and training ethics. It's like I have a whole new dog and we both enjoy our walks now."

-Jana Lewis, Petaluma

"My husband and I, and our dog, Riley, have taken multiple classes from Patte and the humans enjoy the classes as much as the dogs. It's great exercise for everyone and with Patte's help and guidance, the classes built confidence in our dog, which allowed her to overcome many of her fears."

-Lonnie and Vicky Green, Penngrove

"Patte is an amazing trainer. Her high level of expertise and kind, calm demeanor bring out the very best in our dogs. She is totally reliable and always timely. Whether it is training, exercise and walks, socialization, or dog sitting Patte is the absolute best! Her combination of knowledge and skills and confident, loving, and kind demeanor make her an awesome trainer that the dogs really respond well to. You will not a find a better person to care for and train your dogs. Highly, highly recommend."

– Holly and Kurosh Mangnall