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Dogs in Balance believes the foundation of good behavior is to be a leader as well as a friend to your dog.

Once a dog sees you as someone who protects him from threats, requires him to stay within set rules, and loves him no matter what, he'll do just about anything to make you happy.  Certified dog trainer Patte Georgeson helps make dogs better companions through proper exercise and training focused on consistent, gentle discipline that earns respect. Dogs in Balance provides dog training and dog walking services in El Dorado and Sacramento counties.

Patte with Cesar MilanThe Trainer

Patte Georgeson has been a dog lover since childhood and a professional dog trainer since 2003.  Her formal training includes:
  • Training Cesar's Way Foundation Course, with Cesar Milan
  • Five years as understudy to a renowned Sonoma County dog expert, trainer and author
  • Dog•tec Certified Dog Walker
  • Learning to Lead Workshop, with Lucas Agnew
  • PetTech CPR, First Aid & Care certification
  • Certified Groomer
  • Certified Canine Masseuse
  • Graduate of T-3 Dog Behavioral training program, July 2014
Patte as a child
That's me!
Patte is also distinguished by her natural ability to connect with dogs.  As a former groomer and canine masseuse, she has a calm, intuitive way with animals that gets results.  She's committed to continuing education to keep current with best practices for the dog training profession.  

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